Texts for professional communication that drives the message home

The world of business is in need of texts – always has been, always will be. Compelling, clear websites, informative blogs, celebratory speeches to mark the opening of a branch office, up-beat newsletters, appropriately worded press releases, crisply cheerful tweets, wide-ranging articles for staff magazines, effective customer mail-outs: you have the idea, we'll write the text – tailored to your target audience and occasion and, of course, incorporating your corporate language.

With Apostroph Group, you can rely on Swiss quality – and that includes the writing of texts. We're your certified, experienced Swiss translation and text agency – and because we deliver premium quality, we've been going almost 25 years.

What kind of text are you looking for? We'll select the most suitable copywriter from our large pool of experienced, creative professionals – and they all write in their native language, of course. You name it – press release, mail-out, website, speech, newsletter, card text, blog, obituary, specialist article – we'll find you the best professional for the job in hand.

To be able to deliver what you're looking for, our language professionals need something to get their teeth into – the more specific you are with your information, the better they can immerse themselves in the subject matter and put your message across.

  • So what kind of text do you need? You'll find a selection of types and their descriptions further down.

  • Who are you looking to address; what's your target audience?

  • How long should the text be?

  • Style: elegant or casual, pithy and to-the-point or detailed and informative, up-beat or restrained? Our copywriters have a superb command of the language.

  • Do you already have a communication concept in mind – some kind of "hook" or image idea, maybe a company motif? Then tell us about it – our creative writing professionals will gladly incorporate your input.

Websites: ensuring your message gets caught in the web

Website texts place particularly high demands on their authors: they need to present your product or service in a concise, snappy way and put your organisation in the best possible light. That said, with an eye on SEO and Google rankings, they ought not be too short. Our experienced copywriters are familiar with the world wide web and keep abreast of content and search engine optimisation developments. They listen carefully when you explain your messages to them: they then find the right web words to convey them – rich and varied in content, with just the right length of text.

Claims/straplines, slogans and headlines: the ultimate test of a copywriter's prowess

Some companies have had the same strapline, etc. for decades; while some may have come out of the blue, so to speak, most emerge from deep thought and inspired minds. After a thorough analysis of your offering or your company, our creative copywriters come up with stunning headlines and unforgettable claims/straplines: phrases that succinctly and accurately sum up the essence of your core message. With a bit of luck, "the blue" is able to contribute something ...

Brochures: creating a feast for the eyes

Great pictures are one thing; clear, error-free texts are another: company brochures are about both. Keeping an eye on the imagery used, our experienced writers present your products and services in the best possible light. Their eloquence and clarity help show your potential customers the benefits of your offering, highlight your unique selling points and ensure that your company makes waves in the marketplace.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.): rapid-fire tweets are (no longer) what it's about

Communication in social media is fast – blazingly fast. But something once written can't easily be unwritten. That's why it's so important to compose tweets, posts and texts in a way that cannot be misunderstood – and in a way that encourages their sharing and improves their chance of going viral. Our social media content copywriters are familiar with the trends in fast communication. Rely on us – for even more likes, followers and sharers of your advertising message on your social media channels.


Is there always something going on in your organisation? Regular newsletters help keep your customers in the know about your company's innovations and news. Our creative writing professionals turn your keywords into up-beat, witty yet informative texts that people like reading – and that stay in the mind longer.

Press releases: information that hits the mark

You've developed a great new product, your company has some news, you want to present a sensational innovation to a wider audience via print and online media? You'll need to consider a few industry-specific principles and subtleties before newspaper and online editors will take note of or publish your press release. Our copywriters know the all-embracing world of journalism inside out. As masters of their craft, they compile press releases using every trick in the (PR) book: your important information quickly receives the attention it deserves in black and white (or in colour online!).

Customer mail-outs: the marketing supplement

If you want to share some important news with your customers or send your latest product catalogue or image brochure to your target group, then seize the opportunity to include some extra marketing and PR: have our copywriters compile an engaging accompanying letter – it'll help your mail-out hit the mark even more effectively.

Speeches and addresses: to the point, not beating about the bush

Ground-breaking ceremonies for new premises, corporate anniversaries, official company handovers: the opportunities to shine are numerous – provided you have a successful speech. If you can't find the words, then, with their strong sense of rhythm and drama, our rhetorically trained ghost writers write lively, witty, succinct, expressive, festive or poetic speeches for you: your audience will hang on to your every word as you rise to the occasion behind the microphone.

Technical articles: when pros write on behalf of pros for other pros

Let's say a prestigious trade journal has asked you to submit a scientific article or technical report on your latest technological innovation: finding some peace and quiet to write it in the hurly-burly of your day-to-day business isn't easy. Our copywriters, who we select according to the subject matter, use their professional knowledge and (academic) background to research the topic (e.g. by means of a white paper or internal company documentation) and write up the text.

Adverts: high profile, small space

Advertisements should be striking, catchy, brief and clear. Our specialist copywriters are familiar with these principles from the world of communication and advertising; they also know exactly which words arouse emotions and needs – and are therefore particularly effective when it comes to selling something.

Financial statements: haute couture for your business figures

There are ten digits and twenty-six letters, although by their very nature, the figures in an annual report or financial statement carry far more weight than their closest relatives. That said, letters clothe the bare figures with sumptuous mantles – namely the skilful interpretational and communicative texts for stakeholders. Our experienced copywriters are very much at home in the world of finance: like tailors, they cut the cloth of your financial statement or annual report in accordance with best practice.

Technical documentation and white papers

Industrial companies need clear, unambiguous documentation, product descriptions and white papers for their machines, devices, components and apparatus, some of which are highly specialised. This kind of text calls for extensive specialist knowledge and a great deal of technical understanding on the part of copywriters. The language professionals we deploy meet the highest standards and have intimate knowledge of your technical environment.

1. Think about who you want to address with your text and choose a style.

2. Make a note of keywords that must appear in the text.

3. Find linguistic imagery to match your message and make a note of associated keywords and lexical fields.

4. Heading, sub-heading, lead text, body text, conclusion – structure your text according to your requirements and the type of text.

5. Write freely! Incorporate the lexical fields and linguistic imagery.

6. Take a break when you can't think what to write – a fresh look is worth its weight in gold. You'll soon be tapping away at the keyboard again.

7. Read what you've written and let it sink in: do you like it, or is something still missing? Fine tune the text and check it for spelling and punctuation.

8. Get someone else to read what you've written: what's its effect on other people? Edit the text in line with the feedback.

9. Design the text: typeface (font, size, colour), illustrations, layout, etc., so you end up with a coherent whole.

10. Publish/post your text!

Texts from Apostroph Group: at home all over the world

By relying on our certified and accredited specialist translators, your texts and messages will resonate with your target group worldwide, because they translate the texts which have been written for you into 48 different languages.

Your communication project is in safe hands when it comes to the writing and translating of texts – but that's not all: our language professionals can also give your existing texts the finishing touch by proofreading and transcreating them – for high-quality texts capable of making you and your organisation stand out.

Why not contact us and discuss your project with us? We're here to help. We're centrally located in the Swiss cities of Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich.