Planning multilingual annual reports: 5+ success factors

Even though the annual report, by definition, comes round every year, many companies see the production process as burdensome. Is there any way of making life easier? Yes: good planning – especially when working with more than one language. We reveal what our experience has shown us to be real success factors …

Success factors for multilingual annual reports

Success factor 1: The “early bird” …


A good annual report these days contains more than just the numbers: it also acts to burnish the external perception of the company. It’s important to be seen in the right light! Doing this involves compiling information from a variety of sources, which in turn calls for the participation of a variety of players.

That’s why you need to plan ahead – and with care. That way, there’s still room for manoeuvre if something unforeseen occurs or – as can happen – the CEO orders last-minute changes. Don’t forget to allow time for translation and proofreading. Making advance arrangements with these teams reaps dividends – plus you can benefit from their experience.


Success factor 2: who’s on board


A key success driver is the quality of the know-how in the team. Be sure to bring in professionals – after all, it’s all about how your business presents itself to the outside world. Take problems off your hands by hiring editorial and translation teams with financial and storytelling experience. They ensure the right style and consistency, and are au-fait with standard concepts such as Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS, US GAAP and IPSAS.


Success factor 3: clear processes


Nothing wastes more time than unclear processes. It’s well worth your while defining who’s responsible for what, such approving releases. And stick to what’s been agreed! For a direct line of communication, we recommend appointing two project managers – one at your company and one at the language service provider.


Success factor 4: setting up interfaces


Technology can be a real boon when compiling and proofreading annual reports in more than one language. These days, for instance, Apostroph can create direct interfaces and automate processes using our apoCONNECTORS. It means we can exchange and edit large amounts of text without resorting to email: smooth-running processes, fewer errors, savings in time and stress. Why not contact us for advice?


Success factor 5: maintaining knowledge


No one likes having to reinvent the wheel every year. Hold a debriefing session and ensure that key findings, processes, checklists, documents, etc. are filed in a well-structured way. It’s also worth using the same proven teams again so you hit the road running next year.


Apostroph as success factor: years of experience


Apostroph translates and proofreads the annual reports of companies of all sizes operating nationally and internationally across a wide range of sectors. We speak your languages and are happy to come to you – such as for interpreting your shareholders’ meeting.


We have offices in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich. Simply email us at to arrange your personal appointment. It’s the first step to securing a successful annual report.

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