Notarially certified translations

Anything relating to law - including translations: many official administrative matters and legal affairs require notarially certified translations. Our certified, professional and sworn translators translate documents and papers destined for official bodies, authorities, administrations and other institutions promptly, discreetly, reliably and in absolute confidence.

  • We offer certified translations inter alia in the following areas:
  • Business and commerce: everything relating to the corporate world
  • Personal matters: everything relating to the private life of individuals
  • Mobility: everything relating to travel

Optimised for business and legally watertight - throughout the world: lawyers in the form of solicitors, attorneys and notaries are involved in drawing up legally binding documents for a wide variety of business matters and commercial relationships. Our translators produce flawless versions of these papers and documents in accordance with the applicable law, i.e. localised in a range of common languages used for commerce, including German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, as well as in non-European languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Chinese and 38 others. To enable you to develop your business at a global level successfully, continuously and in a legally assured way, we translate the following documents and arrange to have them notarially certified:

  • Commercial agreements, merger contracts
  • Extracts from land registers
  • Business plans
  • Patents, forms
  • Purchase and sale contracts
  • Credit agreements, promissory notes
  • Records of criminal convictions
  • Customs documents for import and export
  • Tax returns
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Commercial register papers

Whether you are changing your civil status, moving home, emigrating, applying for Swiss citizenship, changing your domicile or concluding a legal transaction before a court of law, many documents relating to an individual's personal affairs drawn up by a notary are valid in a different language or country only if their translations are certified by a notary. Our translation service is high-quality, discreet, reliable and rapid. We can deal with:

  • Civil status and registry office documents such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, family registers, birth certificates, adoption papers
  • Death certificates, wills
  • Employment references and medical certificates, medical histories, results and diagnoses for health and accident insurers as well as for healthcare purposes
  • Documents relating to naturalisation and migration matters; documents and forms relating to asylum issues Certificates of domicile and residence
  • Driving licences
  • Court cases, minutes of court proceedings, correspondence with lawyers
  • Diplomas and degree certificates, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral qualifications
  • Official documents of all kinds

In a globalised world in which people are more mobile than ever, certified translations of legal documents are often the key to trouble-free, unrestricted movement. Entrust us with your notarially certified translations for:

  • Visas
  • Passports
  • Identity papers
  • Foreign national ID cards
  • Residence permits
  • Immigration/emigration documents
  • Other papers and documents relating to travel and migration

Aside from a professional translation, many documents destined for use abroad require legalisation or an apostille. This superlegalisation confirms not just the translated text, but also the authenticity of signatures and stamps (official and otherwise) contained in documents. Apostilles authenticate the certification of the notary and are issued by the Swiss State Chancellery. Certification by means of apostille is valid for all member states of the Hague Convention. The complete list of states may be found on the Swiss State Chancellery website.
To save you time, we are more than happy to deal with the authorities on your behalf.

Apostroph Group employees as well as certified translators and language professionals working for us sign a Service Level Agreement undertaking never to disclose the contents of any of our customers' documents entrusted to them: discretion is all. It applies without time limitation to the way the data is handled on their premises as well as to their own staff. It means you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is in trustworthy hands.

Moreover, we are fully protected against data loss: our secure server infrastructures are PGP- and SSL-encrypted: your data is safeguarded against unauthorised access and transmitted according to the highest security standards. As a long-established Swiss company, we take steps to ensure that our servers and storage systems are located in Switzerland, i.e. they are hosted within the country's borders. No matter how far your travels take you around the globe, you can put your trust in Apostroph's competence, quality, reliability, experience and adherence to deadlines: Swiss Firm. Swiss Quality.

Please note: to ensure that we can carry out your translation - be it of a commercial contract, personal document or travel-related visa or document - and have it legally certified by the desired deadline, please make allowances for the time this process requires. Also, please note that public administrations and offices and lawyers' practices close on public holidays.

Call us or drop into one of our offices and ask for a quote that is tailored to your requirements and circumstances. The project managers at our four offices in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich offer competent, friendly and personalised advice. Contact us for further information. Lost in translation? We're there for you.